Home Page- The page contains beautiful and relaxing waterfalls with key verses from the Bible regarding overcomers and overcoming, along with some great music videos from Chris Tomlin, John Waller, and Casting Crowns. We also have some links to faith funder to help fund your ministry visions, Ignited Hope Ministries, and D.L. Moody on overcoming.

Welcome- This is where the purpose and mission of the God's Overcomers (GO) site is spelled out in detail.

About Us- This is where Dr. William Friday, founder of the site, has his bio and testimony. This page also contains a link at the bottom to the next page- "Dr. Friday's Vision from the Lord.".

Dr. Friday's Vision from the Lord- (Located from the bottom of the "About Us page)
This details Dr. Friday's in depth vision for God's Overcomers along with a link to Mike Bickle's 8 messages, which Dr. Friday is basing his plan from for GO.

God (Yahweh) Helping Us- This pages helps explain who Yahweh is from the beginnings of Creation to his sending of his only son Jesus to die for us, and the blessing of the Holy Spirit who was sent to indwell his disciples after Jesus rose from the dead. There is also a spectacular slide show with NASA pictures from the Hubble Telescope, along some great music videos, a link to all the Hebrew names for God, some powerful movie clips regarding Moses' interaction with Yahweh, a fantastic video of the parting of the Red Sea for Israel's freedom from Egypt, and links to the Jesus (Yeshua) and Holy Spirit (Ruach Hakodesh) pages with more music videos from John Waller and Hillsong.

Jesus Christ (Yeshua- The Messiah)- This page contains information about who Yeshua is, a painting by Akiane Kramarik which was picked out by four-year-old Colton Burpo, who said that is what Jesus looked like in Heaven. We also have some great music videos from Jesus' birth to resurrection, featuring artists such as Amy Grant, Jesus Culture, Michael English, Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, Hillsong Australia, Don Francisco, and Mercy Me; in addition, there is a movie clip from the Garden scene from The Passion of the Christ and photos from the movie as well. The page ends with a link to Mike Bickle explaining who Jesus is, and a link to the scholarly John Ankerburg site's search engine of articles on Jesus.

Holy Spirit (Ruach Hakodesh)- This page contains all the verses from the bible talking about the Holy Spirit, along with a movie clip about the Day of Pentacost, and some music worship videos for the Holy Spirit. The page concludes with links to the Bay of the Holy Spirit revival and teachings from
Reinhard Bonnke on the Holy Spirit.

Overcomer Tools- This page contains some music videos about overcoming, along with a picture of a man rock climbing and overcoming this challenge with the help of his tools, which is the only thing between him and falling.There are also a number of links to other pages which can help a person with overcoming.

a) Becoming Saved-

b)Dr. Friday's Blog-

c) Christian Teaching-

d) Overcomer Scriptures-

e) Overcomer Testimonies- Click here to see people being healed!

f) Overcoming through Serving-

g) Connect with Other Overcomers-

h) America's Christian History-

i) Christian Music and Movies-

j) The Dark Night of the Soul-

k) Hearing the Voice of God-

l) Overcoming Addictions-

m) Christian Counseling-

n) Additional Links-

o) Prayer Support-

p) Prophecy-
Here are what people are saying today.

This page contains the story of Jacob when he saw the stairway to heaven, along with music vidoes from Chris Tomlin, Michael W. Smith, and John Waller. This page is where you would go to find real miracle testimonies from Andrew Wommack Ministries and The Brooklyn Tabernacle. You can also find testimonies on the Overcomers Testimonies page. We also have links to clips of real documented miracles from the Christian documentaries, Furious Love, Finger of God, and Father of Lights, along with a link to Bill Perkins.com.The page concludes with a link to the Healing Rooms International, and a testimony from Columbus, Ohio where the man who designed the shape of the U.S. Space Shuttle was healed.

Gifts of The Holy Spirit-
This page contains a bible study from 1 Corinthians 14 which explains the Gifts of The Holy Spirit, along with teachings from John Paul Jackson and Andrew Wommack on the Holy Spirit, and a great worship video from Hillsong Australia.

Store- This page contains Christian t-shirts with the God's Overcomers waterfall and logo, along with other unique shirts to witness others about Christ. The page also contains a number of nutraceuticals designed to help those who are wanting to recapture or remain in good health with so many sick these days in this fallen world due to GMO's and the many other myriad of other poisons such EMF radiation, chem trails, radiation from Fukishima, traces of pharmaceuticals in the water, and estrogen mimicks.Great worship music from Jesus Culture is found on this page.

Contact Us- This page brings the site to a conclusion and includes a form to email GO about any questions, suggestions, or feedback, along with music videos from Chris Tomlin, Hillsong Australia, and Mercy Me.

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